LOGO: Jews on the map of Ukraine
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Evgeny Kotlyar


Internet-project “Jews on the Map of Ukraine” is a very up-do-date, clear to understand and attractive concept of a casual and informal research into the Jewish heritage of Ukraine. Everybody has a space to share their thoughts, impressions or their personal stories, information or images. It is also a wonderful site for placement of various types and forms of information such as news, road trip notes, interviews, as well as more fundamental academic research.

Easy spirit and openness of the project are very attractive, as well as the site’s navigation; highly professional, well written articles provide an atmosphere of high culture, enthusiasm and also a romantic touch.

I would like to wish you new findings on the vast “Ukraine’s Jewish Map”, new publishing’s of periodically-revised ‘hard copies’ to include your impressions, work-in-process materials (road maps, guides etc), they might also include additional chapters of local history and academic findings – a place for old photographs, post-cards etc., showing different sites of Jewish life, urban environment and material culture of the old pre-war Jewry; a place to publish articles by local historians and scientific research findings in different aspects of Jewish culture.

All of these will show not only a modern outlook on a present day and a past of Jews in Ukraine, but it will also let project’s users and participants to compare an old Jewish world with a new one, and to see their own place on this map.

I am sure, that this project, combining high human emotions and modern technologies, including Internet communications, definitely has an excellent opportunity to become a global enterprise.

Evgeny Aleksandrovitch Kotlyar
Art History, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of “Monumental painting” of HGADI,
Member of the Designers Union of Ukraine
April 12, 2012

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