LOGO: Jews on the map of Ukraine
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We Launched Our Site!


We are excited to let you know - all of you who are interested in history and love to travel, that we launched our Internet-project “Jews on the Map of Ukraine” www.jews.in.ua. Our initiative shall commemorate Professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin (1947-2011), who had been a managing director, an educator and a community leader.

Сергей ОдарченкоAlmost a year of diligent team-work proceeded to this exciting event. Work includes: information search, trips and site visits, video-recording, interviews, tons of hours of notes decoding and video casting design and production. During this time we collected information of more then 40 cities and towns of Ukraine. As we go, we will present our information for everybody’s use. As of today, we allocated our information about the settlements of important Jewish shrines – the grave of righteous in Mejibozh, Uman, Gadiach, places of mass killing 1941-1942 in Bogdanovka, Domanevka, Akmechetskie Stavki, Mostovoe, Veseloe, merchant city Vinnitsa.

In our resource you will be able to find the information about the history and about a contemporary life of Jewish Communities, about the most outstanding personalities who paved their way to history. We will advise you on what to see, where to find and to get souvenirs, and what to read about these places.

From the beginning our website will work in a test mode. Therefore, we will be very grateful to you, if you will advise us about any discrepancies, troubles or failures. Besides, we will be very glad to communicate with those, who can add or complete our information, advise us about the most exciting places for future trips or offer their candidacy for a guide or docents at the sites which we had not yet visited.

КомандаWe will not argue about the fact that these days any kind of information can be found through the internet. However, we think that the best way to get a sorted and refined information from the first hands from people, who walked the streets of towns and cities themselves, experienced on their own the weather tricks, the accuracy of transportation maps, possibilities to find shelter and food. We are gladly ready to share this information with you. That is why we would like to bring to your attention technical chapters: “Site Application”, “Where to Eat Kosher and Tasty”, “How to Get There?”, “Where to Stay?”, “Whom to Ask?”, and “What to Pack for Your Trip?”

We would be glad if our artist’s sketches and our poet’s words will find their way to your hearts and through your minds to have a new outlook on your familiar from your childhood places. And, for sure, it is better to see it once than to hear about it hundred times.

You can have a complete virtual tour by means of our “Interviews and Videos” and “Photo moments”. We hope that these virtual tours will encourage you to make a real trip. And possibly some of the heroes of our interviews will become your docents and tour guides, and your videos, photos and stories will appear in social networks.

The project team is excited to get your comments and advices. You can reach us at team@jews.in.ua.

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