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Jewish Addresses in Kharkov


Еврейские адреса ХарьковаWe are opening new presentation group of our projects by offering you a recently published illustrated maps and documentary movie “Jewish Addresses of Kharkov”. The goal of our presentations is to help people who are interested in learning about the history of Jewish community in Ukraine by uniting the efforts of professional historians, local researchers, art historians and photographers. The result of two-year work is there, and we would like to offer it for your attention.

The first publication had been accomplished under the management and direct participation of Boris Solomonovich Elkin (1947-2011), starting the first days of the founding of Kharkov Jewish community in 1990. He was an active participant of renaissance of Jewish life in Kharkov. The new publication is a continuation of his lifetime work and a plot of ideas we shared together.

Among those professionals, whose help would be hard to overestimate, we would like to highlight the name of a researcher-historian of Jewish Kharkov, art scholar Evgeny Kotlyar. His support and information significantly enriched our project. Also, we would like to mention a contribution of a well known American photo-journalist Loly Kantor, who inspired the residents of Kharkov - participants of her master-class of documentary photography to create unique images of their beloved city.

Today, giving a second life to “Jewish Addresses of Kharkov”, we look at the year 2012 from the standpoint of a Jewish history of our city. It appears that many other milestone dates are falling under this year. They are all included in our new issue, either happy or tragic, and we offer them to your attention.

This year commemorates 130 years of the first Alia started in 1882-1903 – the one caused by the waves of pogroms. 130 years of a split of the Jewish world of Russian Empire, then Soviet Union and independent Ukraine now divided people families leaving for Heretz Israel and people staying in Ukraine. The story of the Jewish youth organization “Bilu” known in Zionism history as one of the pioneers movement organization known as “Halutzim” is telling us about difficulties and complications of making tough decisions - not only about making choices, but about future self-realization as well. The Headquarters of this organization for some time were located in Kharkov in 1882.

 СефардимThis year marks a centennial anniversary of the 3-rd Kharkov’s House of Prayers, a “Sephardim” Department. The synagogue was opened in 1913 and functioned until 1930’s. This building was returned to Jewish Community in 2003 and Yeshiva had found its new home in there.

At the same time in 1912 city authorities issued another project of the 3-rd Kharkov’s House of Prayers –“Ashkenazim” Department. The Kharkov’s planetarium found its new home there after the building overcame renovation. These 2 buildings survived Soviet times and the times of Nazis occupation. They even survived the generation of Jewish people of Kharkov whose names were hand-written by Rabbis in the books of birth records, as well as many of those who were born before the war.

МемориалIt has been a 70-year anniversary January 2012 of a massacre of a peaceful Jewish citizens in Drobitsky Yar in 1942, and 20 years ago a wall with a memorial plagues was erected, 15 years ago next to the wall a monument to Righteous People of the World was erected by grateful Jewish population of Kharkov, 10 years ago a memorial stella was built by the entrance of Drobitsky Yar and a “Menorah” monument. Unveiling of the main monument of this architectural group “To Victims of Nazi” took place in December of 2002.

These are just a few names and dates which are part of our publication…

That is the way we live, passing through the rows of dates, events and names, and trying to preserve in our memory and pass on to future generations everything that time preserved for us. That is why the project is open for cooperation with everyone who wants their work in the field of Jewish history of Kharkov or Ukraine in general to become a part of the context of published materials, helping to fulfill this project.

Le-haim, our friends! Let us live and let us remember! Let us live and multiply our mitzvah – those to be completed or just started. Let us live, and let us document the history of our new generations…

For those of you who are interested to receive an issue of our publication please contact us at team@jews.in.ua

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