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  • Life from the End. Commemorating Professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin. Dedication.

Life from the End. Commemorating Professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin. Dedication.


boris.elkinApril 26, 2012 17:00 (5 p.m.) in Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Dan" (Tobolskaya Street, 46) there was a memorial evening commemorating professor Boris Solomonovich Elkin, Ph.D. (1947-2011), director of International Solomon University, Chairman of Trustee Council of the Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Dan", scientist, manager of educational programs and a community leader. April 26, 2012 Israel have celebrate 64-th anniversary and two days later Boris Solomonovich should have his 65th birthday.

Boris Solomonovitch Elkin was an outstanding person with a tremendous energy and initiative, always willing to improve and develop, to unite people and to create an atmosphere of mutual creative spirit. Many times he had to start all over, and his enormous ideas would be enough for several lives. This is the reason for us to say that this memorial event would not be just a night of reminiscences. This is our reference point, a point which unites all of those, who remember this wonderful individual and who is ready to continue his plans, to plot the projects that he started, as well as the projects which were only discussed and outlined together with Boris Solomonovich.

Contact person – Project Manager of "Jews in Ukraine" Alexander Borisovich Elkin, Ph.D. Tel. 011-380-057-78-01-911,

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