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What is important to remember?

In the Jewish tradition for thousands of years of existence, certain rules of conduct have been developed, and you should keep them when visiting places of worships and rituals. Rules of conduct relating to different aspects.


  • All Jewish men cover their heads. Headwear can be of your choice, but traditionally a little cap covering the top of the head - a kippah (in Hebrew) or yarmulke (in Yiddish). In order not to be rude, man at the entrance to the synagogue needs to cover his head. In big cities in synagogues, as a rule, you can ask for kippah at the entrance.
  • However it is better to have your own headwear with you. For women, the traditional outfit - is opaque clothing covering the chest, elbows, navel, shoulders, and skirt covering the knees.

Man and Woman

  • Men and women are forbidden to touch each other, shake hands, hug to welcome, unless they are spouses or relatives.
  • In synagogues men and women pray in different parts of a temple, men do not go to female area, and women - to men area.
  • Also women are forbidden to sing and dance in front of other men.

Saturday and Holidays

  • On Friday evening, Jews celebrate Sabbath - the day of rest on Saturday. There are special laws and prohibitions in effect that day: Jews gather in synagogues for the festive worship, it is forbidden to lit a fire (smoke, fire, gas burners), use electricity, photo-video equipment, mobile phones and other devices, to use devices and machinery (elevator, doorbell, electronic key, light bulb).
  • It will not be right to take a picture or make a video record of someone who is observing Sabbath that day.
  • It is forbidden to be sad on Sabbath and to visit graves.


  • Food allowed to religious Jews, is called kosher food. It is cooked by a Jewish persons or under Jewish supervision in special dishes according to certain rules of Kashrut.
  • It is not allowed to bring non-kosher food or drink to a synagogue.
  • At the cemetery, it is strictly forbidden to eat and drink.
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