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What to take with you for a trip?

  • Documents

That is something that you should always remember about, and you should always have them with you in any trip.

  • Money

First of all, of course it’s all kinds of travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. But do not forget about such an important commandment as tzedakah. In almost every place where you will go, you will possibly find a box with a sign that says “Tzedakah”. The money that you might want to drop there, are usually used for development and maintenance of the community or specific object (for example, graves of rabbis). Approximate currency exchange rate in relation to hryvna can be viewed on the official website of The National Bank Of Ukraine.

  • Telephone

Communication with relatives is always important. However, it is worth remembering that in small towns, reception (even local) cannot always work. If you are coming from another country and going to buy a local mobile phone card, our advice buy "Kyivstar" or "MTS", as coverage of these operators in Ukraine is the most extensive.

  • Internet

It is something that can be found in hotels, but unfortunately not in all of them. You can buy a modem, but the quality of communication may not be very good and the reception does not work everywhere. When purchasing a modem, please specify where you want to go and how the connection will be maintained.

  • Comfortable Shoes

In any of the places you have quite a lot of walking, and often not very good roads. Therefore, shoes should be comfortable and practical.

  • Cloths According To the Weather

Do not forget that the weather at the place of your destination may differ from the weather at home (even if this places are close enough). In addition, in our area the weather varies quite significantly, so in order not to fall into an awkward position - get wet, cold or overheat, it is better to check with a weather forecast in advance. You can listen to it on the radio, watch it on TV, or simply find it in Internet, for example on Sinoptik or on Gismeteo.

  • Water

During the cold season - a thermos of tea or coffee, during the warm season - a bottle of drinking water. To ensure that you do not have to look for a place where it can be purchased, because it cannot be purchased everywhere.

  • Food

It is very easy to get hungry on the road. Therefore it is necessary to take something fast and simple with you. If it is essential for you to eat kosher food, it can become a problem, because places that have kosher cuisine cannot be found everywhere. This is another reason to stock-up on food for the trip. And finally, if you are going to some small settlement, it might happen that there will be no place to buy a meal, and you should only rely on your own food supplies. It worth of course to hope for the best, but you should have your own snacks and food supplies.

  • Camera

Do not forget to capture lots of impressions during your trip. Your photoshuts - are pieces of memory.

  • Chargers

You will need chargers for your phone batteries, cameras and other equipment, which you will take with you. Do not forget that equipment also “wants to eat”.

Please remember that voltage and frequency in Europe is 220V/50Hz.

  • The Map

It will always help you understand where you are located. There are also symbols of places of interest on maps.

  • Warm Cloths

If you are on the road during the cold season, do not forget that the weather can be very unfavorable, cold or humid. Carefully watch the weather forecast, even several of them, and decide what kind of cloths you will put-on and what kind of cloths you will take with you.

  • Kippah

Almost every town you visit, or place you will enter has certain rules. For boys and men it is a kippah to cover a head, for girls and women - a skirt to cover knees, long sleeves to cover elbows, and a blouse with no cut which would cover a neck. Married women should wear a head scarf to cover their hair or a wig.

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